Monday, November 22, 2010

Club Penguin membership page response!

Club penguin responded to my email.  You can see what I'm talking about here.
Here is what they said:

Hello feathered friend,
Thanks for taking the time to send us your question! Being part of the Elite Penguin Force, and completing weekly Field Ops, is open to all penguins on the island, both free and member penguins.

However, only member penguins have the ability to collect special Elite Agent gear, which they can buy using their Field Op medals. While free penguins can get an Ear Piece to help them along with agent activities, members have the privilege of collecting all the gear!

At this time, there aren't any other plans to make more restrictions for free penguins when it comes to Field Ops. We want all agents to take part in keeping the island safe, though members can look a little cooler while doing so!

If you have any other questions or comments about Club Penguin, be sure to let us know. We're always happy to lend a helping flipper and a friendly ear!

Waddle on!

Club Penguin Fan Mail

Okay, so basically there aren't any plans on restricting parts, but they are planning on making more gear.
So I guess they just worded it wrong, and there were misconceptions.
Waddle on!
~ im a ligor

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  1. err... maybe you should have done the URL of the email itself because I need a new pair of eyes...


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