Cool optical illusions!

Look at them closely!
Is this a picure of a man of the word liar? Turn you head to the left if you need to!:

Is this a picture of a woman or a guy playing a flute? You decide!:

.This next one is either a rabbit or a duck? Scan your eyes over it from left to right.rabbitduck2
. Stare at the + in the middle of this image and eventuallly the pink dots will dissapear and the green dot will be the only thing seen. No blinking for awhile though ;):

. Look at this next image and try to read the COLOR of the word not the WORD itself.:

:This next image I thought was really cool! Look at the weird flag for one miniute,
then look at a blank white space:

This next one is really cool:

. stare at the dot then move your head back and forth to the screen and the circles will rotate!

Waddle on!
~ im a ligor ~