coin cheats

How to make thousands of coins on catchin' waves( its much better in full screen):
How to make a ton of coins on cart surfer:

These two games were chosen because they earn you the most coins.
Extra tips for all games!:
1. Try using a slower computer, if accessable, because you will have more response time!
2. Try connecting to your neighbor's internet, which will make your internet go slower, making you have even more response time!
3. If you can't usually try using a better device when playing a game, try connecting to a neighbor's internet/ using a slower computer then try it! If it is slow enough, it will feel normal but your movements will have a better effect!
4. Try to use a normal cursor! If you use a weird one, you might not be able to tell where your object will go, because your cursor doesn't specify it. The white and black arrow cursor works great!
5. Use a larger screen! Go to, then click F11 on your keyboard! ( This will make allmost all of your screenspace be put to use, and make more room for accurate mouse movements!)