The History Of Club Penguin

Club penguin started way back in 2006, but what was before that?
1. Rsnail games

at first, there was a website called rsnail games! There there was a game called penguin chat! You could waddle around, and chat! But there weren't as many fetures as the new club penguin...

Anyways, it was really fun! It was made by rsnail who still develops club penguin today!
Here are some of the rooms:



Anyways, then club penguin came along! The rsnail website made club penguin, and new horizon interactive helped! Rsnail also has a twitter:
It was originally on the miniclip website:
And is now on:
Originally there was no stage, cove, or many other rooms.
The first pin was the shamrock pin.
Anyways, there was beta testing, and penguins could get the beta hat! This is the most rare item in club penguin!
But then, club penguin was bought by Disney! Many penguins got mad about that, but I think the game just got better!
File:Disney cp.png

anyways, club penguin went and became one of the most popular online games ever!


I think that you should know about hacking because, it really is a big part of club penguin...

but it is bad and ruins the game...

never hack!
Ok , so the first hacker ever was sanity penguin

File:Sanity1 penguin.png

he made the club penguin trainer. There you could get a free club penguin membership, and earn coins without playing games.

He also was the first penguin to unbann himself. He made a website, which he stated that he quit club penguin.

is hacking still around?

Hacking is very much still around. There now is a penguin named microchip123. He has made a hacking device called penguin storm, which can:
make your penguin big

make you become a mascot

earn you free coins

and more.

but there is a problem with all of this! useing these items can get you banned from club penguin! So do not use them! Here is microchip's website:

Club penguin blogging...

Over the years, there have been many blogs about club penguin. These all have things about club penguin. Anyways, many have quit over time.

This is a club penguin blog! The website you're on right now!
But anyways, the first ever club penguin cheating blog was owned by sanity penguin, a hacker. But he also quit club penguin.

Anyways, for the coolest club penguin blog with no hacks, just visit

Waddle on!
~ im a ligor ~