Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday party on club penguin!

The holiday party is on club penguin!
There are 2 free items, one for members and one for non-members!
The first for nonmembers is found in the ski village:
The next item is found in the sleigh, by delivering toys then getting the bag that pops up!:

This is a really fun party! My favorite room this year is...
The coffee shop!
This year, I think that they made this place the perfect place to chill with your friends while warming up to a cup of coffee!
Although, the pizza parlor did come in with a close second!
Are you decorating your igloo for chrismas this year? I know I am:
Waddle on!
~ im a ligor

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  1. yeah, im sorry about not doing it, im REALLY sick (really really sick) and i have a cold.

    I hope to get back blogging when i get better.

    sorry i am a ligor.



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