Tuesday, November 24, 2009

new game- card jitsu fire!

Card jitsu fire is here! You need to be a member and a ninja to play!
Anyways, first you should talk to sensei and get your new cards!

Then, once you have your cards, you can earn your fire ninja suit! To do that, just walk up to sensei and click 'earn your fire suit'!

That will take you into the game! Here is how to play:

the numbers by your player show how close you are to winning or loseing. If you run out of those, you lose.
When it's your turn, click on the rocks in the center. That will show how far your player can go!Once you have done that, click one of the stones lighting up. They each have a meaning!
Here are the meanings:
the fire, snow, or water stones show which cards you will choose from. Everyone will have to choose the same element. The higher the number on the card, the better. Higher cards will win over lower cards.

<- if you click this it means that you will have a normal card jitsu match

<- if you click this, it will mean you will get to choose the element that you will play with

If someone is already standing on the stone you click, you will battle them.

If you click a element with noone on it, then you will battle the whole group.

The more matches you win, the more points you get.

Once you play alot of matches of card jitsu fire, you will earn the ninja suit which you will be able to wear around club penguin.:

Then, once you have that you will battle sensei and get the fire amulet!

Waddle on!
~ im a ligor

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